Andrzej Rygielski Artist & Photographer

I am Andrzej Rygielski. Photography is my great passion. Many times in my career I faced theft of my artworks. It broked me down for a long time I did not make any new photography. Plagiarism is my nightmare.
The worse thing could happen to me was in United Kingdom. I took part in a competition organised by local photo club and my winning picture was printed in Sheerness Times Guardian. Soon after that I have found an imitation of my conception. That was a photography printed in The Sun newspaper, but everything on it was like in mine photo: proportions, scene elements, the angle of view. When I showed this photo to my son David who is dealing with photography he smiled and said: Wow, your picture they printed and he started searching for our family name in the Sun newspaper. After some time he realised that there is no name under picture and the photography is not mine. I explained him that this is plagiarism. An item imitating someon’s else piece of art to enjoj someone else’s fame or icome.
I hope to get compensation from The Sun newspaper. Maybe they will understand what they done to me. If not I have to take them to a court.

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